Interactive Sound Installation
20Cubed is exploring generative music to reshape musical experience by using movement to improvise with sound in a 3D audio space.

Three geometrical shapes called Icosahedron are transformed into interactive elements to change/control a soundscape by movement. Each triangle surface sounds different. Combined they are creating 8000 sounds. More precisely:
20 to the power of 3 = 20*20*20 = 8000 ways of sounding.

Through a triangle, we can harmonise oppositions like music, sound and, noise and create something that has a structural balance. The experience evokes different feelings and pushes listening to music to a next level. Using a modal harmonic framework I created a framework that is simple in its concept, but complex in its execution.

2018 Final Project – MA Digital Direction - Royal College of Art London

Exploring new sounds, rhythms or harmonics and the combination of it, is an essen- tial part of this project. When I tested my work it was so amazing to see the different perspectives and approaches each participant had. Automatically the experience creates an emotional story because you can't control all of the sounds by yourself, as it is a collaborative environment.

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