Changing Weather

Narrative Field Recording
Field recording: David Glück
Music: Silent Movie Concert – Peter Madsen and CIA

Weather conditions have been a recourse of artists, poets and next-door neighbours since the beginning of time, to speak in euphemism about deeper feelings.

2018 Project – Discovery Channel – Royal College of Art London

“The wind that sometimes howls in ascending and descending passages within a range that does not exceed a fifth and continues with this variation as a low arpeggio, sometimes instead hurls itself up on high, where it comes to rest on a long and persistent whistling. Pause, silence – complete, sudden. Suddenly the high whistling resumes, and then, descending rapidly down, becomes once again a low howling, receding into distance. And what a marvelous variety of rhythm and timbres if the wind is accompanied by rain!”

– Luigi Russolo, The Art of Noises

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